WSI OMS has partnered with the Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education, the leading name in education for immunology courses. CCPE has a 50-year long history of offering unbiased educational programs created by world-class experts. 

The range of extended education for professionals covers every sector of the industry, including physician facing, marketing, sales & people management, CPD, regulatory & medical, training & HR, and healthcare professionals.

With the strong growth of the field of immunology that is predicted in the western world, immunology is becoming an increasingly crucial sector for medical professionals to study. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a renewed dedication to the study of immunology in the hope of finding vaccines and other viable treatment options. 

Introduction to the CCPE Immunology Course:

The CCPE’s immunology course opens your career path in immunology and addresses many crucial therapeutic areas. During the course, students will be introduced to the various cellular, tissue, and chemical mediator components of the immune system. The course also covers how these components work together to provide an immune response. Students will explore the pathophysiology of common immunological diseases, and gain an understanding of the medications used in treating such disorders. 

Learning Objectives of the Immunology Course:

Mastery of this course will allow students to:

– Describe the immune system and its components

– Explain the immune response

– Consider the medical treatment of various immunological disorders

Immunology Course Information

Suggested hours of study: 50

Course completion: 6 months

Language of presentation: English

Examination format: 100 multiple choice questions

For more information on the immunology course, vaccination courses, study tools, and resources, and to discuss your immunology career path, visit the CCPE website.

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