YouTube Stats To Drive Video Marketing In 2019

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It is no secret that video marketing has become one of the biggest and most important aspects of digital marketing over the last few years – and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2019. Below, we draw your attention to a few recently released YouTube stats to help drive your digital marketing efforts; both now and into the future.   75% Of Adults Report Watching YouTube On Their Mobile Devices  This is a stat that proves not only the popularity of video content, but also just how important it has become to focus on mastering the art of mobile marketing.   46% Of Millennials (25 To 34-Year Olds) Have Increased Their YouTube Usage Since Last Year  In other words, if your target audience is millennials, YouTube, and video marketing in general, is a great way to target them and see results.   YouTube Is The World’s Second Largest Search Engine  As business owners, we are taught to focus our efforts on SEO, website design and website development in order to improve our Google rankings. While this is obviously imperative, so many of us are forgetting to dedicate time to improving our standing on YouTube. Seeing as though it is the world’s second largest search engine, it would definitely be time well spent!   Over One Billion Hours Of Videos Are Watched On YouTube Every Day In other words, people are not only constantly consuming video content, but they are also constantly looking for more. If the goal is to get the attention of your potential consumers and deliver a message, there couldn’t be a better way in which to do it!   “Relaxing” And “Feeling Entertained” Are The Top Two Reasons Viewers Watch YouTube  This is a good statistic to know as it can help to improve the type of video content that you are creating.   YouTube Mobile Ads Are 84% More Likely To Hold Attention Than TV Ads  Never mind the fact that mobile marketing and social media marketing are also much more affordable and easy to monitor/manage.   Need help with your company video marketing and enhancing your YouTube presence and following? WSI OMS is here to lend a hand! As content marketing specialists, we will help you to reach your digital marketing goals whatever they may be. Contact us today to learn...

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How to get featured in Google’s answer boxes

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Google’s Answer Boxes are the featured snippets that are ranked at the top of Google. The answer boxes often rank above the top search results and below the ads. They can draw quite a lot of traffic, which is why it’s worth your time to try to get your content featured here.   There are three kinds of answer boxes that appear in Google’s search results, namely paragraphs, lists and tables. To get featured in any of these types of answer boxes, you will firstly need to do some research on Google to find out which search terms prompt a featured snippet or answer box to appear. You will notice that an answer box appears when a user asks a question in Google.   After you have found which questions you want to answer, you will need to optimise your content so that it answers a question. The content that Google features in the Answer Box reads as if it is answering a question, so make sure you are writing it in a how-to, explanatory or step-by-step style.   An important factor to keep in mind when you are trying to rank in Google’s answer box is that Google generally features authoritative websites in these results. If you are struggling to make your site more authoritative, focus on the low hanging fruit like requesting a page on Wikipedia.   Need help with your seo strategy? Then contact WSI OMS...

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Local Search: Increase Your Google Ranking in 4 Easy Steps

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Focusing your SEO efforts on improving your company website’s local search ranking is a great idea for many businesses. The question is, how exactly do you get your website ranking at that top spot without overspending on your budget? We provide you with some expert insight below. Keep Track of Your Progress  The only way in which to discover what is working and what is not when it comes to your search engine optimisation strategy, is to keep track of your rankings, and to take note of, and when, and why they change. The best tool to use for this is Pro Rank Tracker, which has been especially designed for tracking local search rankings. Pay Attention to the Local 3 Pack  This refers to the first three businesses that pop up in response to a local search query entered into Google. How do you get your company featured here? Dedicate time to improving the reviews on your website, as well as improving your Google My Business signals. Your on-page SEO will also go a long way towards helping you achieve this goal. Consider Utilising Online Directories  Just like the Yellow Pages directory was a must for businesses back in the day, online directories are essential for businesses in modern times, especially when it comes to local search. Yelp, for example, is one of the most popular options out there. Use Your Location as a Keyword  Without over-flooding your website with keywords, as a result, try to include your location as a keyword whenever appropriate. For best results, include it in your title tag and in the first and last paragraphs of each piece of content that you produce as part of your content marketing strategy. If you’re looking to improve your local search rankings and further boost your website’s SEO, the WSI OMS team of online marketing experts is here to assist. Contact us today to learn...

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Launching your new website? Use these essential SEO tips!

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If you’re launching a new website, then you’re in the perfect position to get your SEO right from the start. While there’s a lot of work that needs to get done when it comes to launching a website, it’s worth your while to take a step back and give your link building strategy and overall search engine optimisation efforts some thought. Here are a few things you should do: Learn how keyword research works There are a lot of online tutorials which will show you how to determine which keywords you should be targeting. If you don’t have time to work through all the information yourself, consider hiring an SEO consultant to guide you through the process so that you can make sure you’re including the right keywords in your website content, meta titles, keyword descriptions, image alt tags and more. Create a sitemap and submit it to Google Sitemaps are a crucial part of the SEO process. If you’ve got a WordPress website, you can use a simple Google sitemap plugin to create a sitemap for you. This sitemap will help search engines such as Google index your pages so that they rank well. Review webmaster tools All the major search engines have ‘webmaster tools’ where you can list your site and tell them what you’re all about. Simply type ‘Google webmaster tool’, ‘Bing webmaster tool’ or ‘Yahoo webmaster tool’ into a search engine and follow the steps they have listed. Don’t have time to do this entire process yourself? Then hire the pros at WSI OMS. We’ve launched many new websites and we continue to help clients with existing, as well as new, SEO strategies. Contact us for more information...

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What did the world search for in 2012?

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As internet marketers we spend a lot of time on Google, whether it is analysing trends, PPC, Google Analytics or SEO – Google forms an integral part of our lives. It is our direct link to the news and keeps us up to date with the world outside. Many things happened this year and to remind us of the highs and lows of the year, Google produces their annual Zeitgeist video. The YouTube video showcases the search trends for that particular year. In the year that was 2012 there were 1.2 trillion searches in over 146 languages on Google. Some of the top trends for this year were the London Olympics, hurricane Sandy, the death of Whitney Houston, the Mars Curiosity Rover and of course Psy’s Gangnam Style. The Zeitgeist 2012 site shows the global search trends as well as search trends by country. Take a look at the full site...

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Computer Repairs in Ireland, city of Dublin

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After doing a bit of research regarding computer repairs in Ireland – the city of Dublin specifically, I came across search results on and that is quite different. for the search phrase computer repairs Ireland Dublin city returns 72000 search results where returns 80400 search results. The search results from is more broad-based than the search results from ( as the search phrase computer repairs ireland, dublin city targets this area (Ireland) specifically. On the search phrase computer repairs Ireland Dublin city – the PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements is quite different from the ones found on I know your search results will look different, but this is the results I have found.  On, only 1 PPC add was visible and that was from a company in my home country (South Africa) advertising “computer repairs”. On, all the PPC ads were from companies in Ireland, focusing on Computer repairs and there were 11 PPC advertisements visible. This just shows you why local search is powerful! What is local search? Local searches use a general keyword phrase combined with a geographic location (state, county, city and zip code). People will search for “computer repairs Ireland Dublin city”, “computer hardware dublin” and “Ireland computer repair” when they need the services from a local business. Benefits of local search Targeted Traffic: By focusing on local search you will bring in targeted traffic to your website. These are local people who are looking for local businesses. Quicker results: It is much easier and faster to get top search rankings by localizing your website. There is much less competition for a local search phrase than a general nationwide...

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