Vuyiswa Monageng Joins WSI

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WSI would like to welcome Vuyiswa Monageng to our team. Vuyiswa joins us in our Kyalami offices for the next 6 months as an office intern. She’ll be tasked with a variety of Internet Marketing duties including: Web Administration Link Building Website Updates Vuyiswa is 24 years old and finished studying Web Development at Tswane University of Technology in 2009. Her internship at WSI will ensure she completes the requirements for her Web Application and Development qualification. Vuyiswa is keen on starting her own business in the online environment and we hope she learns some invaluable Online Marketing skills in her time with WSI. In her spare time she is an avid shoe designer and Social Media enthusiast. You can follow @Vuyiswa on Twitter Please follow and like...

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Exhibitions and Events South Africa

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If you’re looking for Exhibition and Events Services in South Africa then consider Oasys Innovations. I’ve just been to meet with this highly capable company and their impressive range of Exhibition and Event Services include: Corporate Events Exhibition Stands Electrical and Lighting Displays Audio Visual Rentals World Class Event Activation Services Oasys’ experience with Exhibitions and Events in South Africa has seen them service a number of first-class clients including the Sun City Nedbank Golf Challenge and the Sunday Times Food Show. Oasys Innovations can help you no matter the size of your Event. Whether they’re supplying you with Audio Visual Equipment or some furniture for your Exhibition, their products and expert service is world class. Contact Oasys now for Exhibitions and Events in South Africa. Please follow and like...

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WSI Visits the Inaugural Internet Show

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The inaugural Internet Show took place at Johannesburg’s Sandton Convention Centre on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2010 and the WSI team was there to take in the informative seminars on offer. The show was a must for Internet Marketers and business owners wanting learn how they can leverage the Internet for their business. Social Media and Social Networking were trending topics (excuse the borrowed phrase from Twitter) and we listened to some excellent talks by South African Social Media pioneers: Mike Stopforth from Cerebra Mel Attree from 5fm Paul Jacobson from Jacobson Attorneys – Paul’s site is currently down for maintenance but be sure to check back so you can get his insights about Social Media ‘giving the finger’ to legal paradigms Jason Norwood Young from the Mail & Guardian Online Besides providing some useful tips about how to use Social Media platforms like Twitter for business, most of the seminars rung true with the fact that if you aren’t using Social Media yet, and more importantly correctly, then you need to start. We hope that The Internet Show becomes a fixture on the South African technology expo calendar. Please follow and like...

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What is the best Social Media site for your business, Facebook or Twitter?

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Facebook and Twitter These two Social Media sites are undoubtedly the two largest and most popular of all the social sites, but which is better for social media marketing? According to a recent study conducted by Irbtrax, there are advantages to both platforms for social media marketing, and much depends on the particular business application or niche. The first category of the study was focused on Traffic and User metrics with results as follows: ■Facebook US and Global traffic ranking: 2 ■7 day Average daily time on Site by Users: 32.2 minutes ■Twitter US and Global traffic ranking: 12 ■7 day Average daily time on Site by Users: 7.8 minutes Facebook came out ahead of Twitter in this category due to its size, traffic volume and metrics such as time spent on the site. The second category was a comparison of Facebook and Twitter Measured as an online destination for the B2C (Business to Consumer) market. Again, Facebook was the winner since its format allows for inclusion of photos, detailed information, multiple outbound links, videos, and other B2C applications. Facebook also facilitates an entrepreneur building a large network of followers in a short time to help market a product. In the third category which was B2B, (Business to Business) Twitter was determined to have the advantage over Facebook because based on the results of the study, Twitter furnished more flexibility in Viral Marketing while requiring fewer followers. Popular industry related Tweets are retweeted to create a domino effect even if you don’t have a lot of followers. Market research benefits were the focus of the fourth category in the study. Twitter came out on top here because you can use its search features to monitor what people are saying about your company, service, product and even your competition. Twitter is also effective for tracking the rise and fall of trends. The fifth category looked at Internal Viral Marketing benefits. Here, Facebook was number one due to its ease of building a large following and the Facebook Wall being much more interactive than Twitter’s means of internal communications. The sixth category focused on comparison of Facebook and Twitter when it comes to External Viral Marketing. Twitter ranked above Facebook in this category because it has a greater external internet reach. Lastly, the seventh category compared each platform for using direct internet communication. Facebook prevailed over Twitter in this category because of its instant message feature. So, what it all boils down to is that each of these social media marketing tools performs better in certain ways than the other, and therefore you probably should use both as part of your social media marketing efforts Please follow and like...

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Francois Muscat Internet Marketing Speaker

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My recent Squidoo Lens entitled Francois Muscat: Internet Marketing Speaker promoting my Keynote Speaking initiatives. Follow the link to view the lens. I have hosted several highly successful training sessions in the past where I’ve shared my knowledge on: Digital Media Marketing Increasing your visibility online Social Media Marketing Lead Generation Online Reputation Management I’ve had some great feedback on my keynote addresses. Go to my first Squidoo Lens called Francois Muscat Internet Marketing Consultant to view some of the great video testimonials. Feel free to comment on the Lens as my Lenses are always a work in progress. The great thing about Squidoo is that it’s easy to optimise, edit and it’s a great tool for self-promotion. In addtion to this Squidoo allows you to include images, video content, an RSS Feed, content, and strong links back to URL’s of your choice. Here is an extract from my latest Squidoo Lens called Francois Muscat: Internet Marketing Speaker: “The dynamic nature of Internet Marketing can seem intimidating, but you can learn to harness the power of the Internet to help grow your business and level the playing field between you and your competition. Francois is instrumental in equipping his peers with the ability to compete effectively online.” Please follow and like...

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Feedback on Hosted applications for SMEs

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Last Tuesday I attended the ITWEB Executive Forum in partnership with MWEB & Microsoft at the Southern Sun Hotel in Sandton. I have been out of corporate life for some 6 years now and work as a WSI Internet Marketing consultant. My own franchise. Its great to be a business owner and have the freedom to make your own decisions. I say that because the event was aimed at making corporate companies understand how hosted applications can help them reduce costs and in many cases improve uptime and service. Having worked in corporate for some 30 years and in the technology game I know how difficult it is to convince the rest of the company, when you suggest some radical change such as giving up control of your Data centre and changing over to a hosted solution. In my small environment we have a team of 10 and initially I implemented Exchange and did all the technology things I leant in corporate but I soon fell victim to IT Related problems and having to rely on desktop & server support on call. I had many frustrating moments because I felt out of control. I have since moved over to GMAIL Apps and that was the best decision I made as my email is always available and backed up. Some great points I took away from the event were: South Africa’s Internet infrastructure is improving and Arthur Goldstuck presented some great stats 10% of South Africans are connected to the Internet this year In 2015 we could expect some 20% of South Africans to have Internet access In 2009 there were 800,000 ADSL users Craig Rodney shared some interesting hosted applications that he uses in his business Dropbox for sharing of files, photos and the like. Its free so all small businesses should have a look and see how they can use this service to stay online Mobile Me for Mac users. Keep your calendars, emails, files & photos in sync on all your PCs, Laptops, computers and Iphone Basecamp – A great service for project collaboration. I have been using this service for over 4 years now Flickr to share all your photos online It was an interesting morning and I think that many of the corporate companies that attended should have a much better understanding on how hosted applications can help their business. Please follow and like...

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