To answer the topic question – yes, most definitely. By adding a blog to your website and writing optimized blog posts on it can improve your overall organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings drastically.

You might have heard the famous online marketing saying “Content is king” and it is true. Every blog post you create does not just count as a single blog post, but as another content page.

By having a blog you can add regular fresh keyword rich content to your website. Blogs that are written with original interesting insights and opinions can attract links from other blogs which can build up the overall link popularity of the website.

When you publish a new blog post, your new post will be broadcasted via RSS (Real Simple Syndication) online so that blog aggregators, search engines and users will know that you have new content available. This happens in a few minutes after you have published your new blog post.

SEO blogging tips to help you get the best rankings


Before you even start writing a new blog post, select a topic related to your website and that your best customers will find interesting. If your website sells electronic appliances, maybe you can write a couple of “how to” guides to make it easier for your customer to use these appliances.

Prepare a list of keywords and keyword phrases from your topic that you can use in your links, titles and content. To ensure you get quality keywords links to your website from your blog posts, create links of the keywords you have chosen and link those to the most relevant page on your website.


Blogging is not really about the direct selling of a product or service, it is about engaging with readers (social media) and educating them. Always provide your readers with thought-provoking writings. With your blog you are branding yourself and your company as the authority and expert in your industry. People will return to hear what you have to say if they find what you write interesting.


If what you write about is original and interesting, you can develop a strong readership that will return often to read what you say. Others will comment on your blog postings and can reference your blog on their own blogs. This way, your blog could be a natural linking magnet as other bloggers will see your content for reference.


When you publish a new blog post, your blog sends out an automated RSS ping to the search engines, blog aggregators and various other Web 2.0 channels that your blog is connected to. This “ping” contains the blog post title, first few sentences, date published and a link back to the full content.

These “pings” with RSS can appear in the organic SEO results within minutes of publishing your blog post.

To get back to the topic question of this blog post, blogging can greatly boost your website organic SEO results. Blogging is a great way in which you can build brand awareness for your products or services.