On average, 55 million pictures get uploaded to Instagram each day. A research firm called L2, released a report saying that the photo sharing website offers the highest conversion from browser to shopper.

While all the statistics show that Instagram is a lucrative social media network, many businesses aren’t capitalising on it. Here are a few types of businesses that should definitely consider including Instagram in their social media efforts:

Luxury products

Do you sell perfume, watches, jewellery or other types of luxury goods? Then Instagram is for you. According to the report by L2, luxury brands who posted on average of 5.5 times per week were able to increase their customer base.

Consumables that appeal to people’s vanity

Many social networks are capitalising on people’s vanity and Instagram is no different. If you sell cosmetics, DIY products or anything a customer would want to showcase through selfies or artwork, you will be able to reach the masses on Instagram.

Your target market is on Instagram

As with any social media strategy, you need to find out if your target audience is using the network. According to Instagram’s User Demographics of 2013, 43% of users were aged between 18 and 29 years and 23% attended a tertiary institution for education. Research your customer base to find out which social networks they are using so that you don’t waste your efforts on the wrong networks.

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