Groupon is a great way to introduce your product or service to the market and create online brand awareness.  The goal of Groupon’s website and e-mail marketing campaigns is to entice thousands of customers with a “deal of the day”. Groupon’s marketing is quite smart, seeing as deals are marketed in such a way that consumers feel it costs them more money “not” to purchase the deal.

How Groupon entices customers

We all know what it feels like to want something that is not within our budget. When something you desire suddenly becomes available at half the price, you’re going to jump at the opportunity to buy it.  Groupon also works to retain clients and it’s easy to target young, educated consumers who aren’t shy to return and spend more.

Groupon has sold more than 400 million “deals of the day.” This “deal of the day” principle has worked to entice thousands of new customers and has transformed the way local businesses promote their products and services.

What should I offer as a deal?

The type of deal will depend on what you have to offer (and how enticing you can make your product or service for the local market). Restaurants usually offer a certain amount of food at half price whilst salons will bundle a few treatments together. A resort that offers a free cooking class can easily sell hundreds of seats. Your best bet is to work with an internet marketing consultant and professional copywriter to find out how to create a great offering (and cleverly worded advertisement). Contact us for help with your internet marketing strategy.

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