You heard about the Social Media buzz and what it could do for your business so you decided to get involved, after all it’s free marketing. However, 6 months down the line and the Social Media sites you’ve signed up with aren’t rendering the kind of results you would’ve liked. In this post I’ll outline a few points that could be contributing to the lagging results of your Social Media efforts.

It is important to remember that Social Media is a powerful business tool that is still in its infancy. You need to start leveraging it in the right way in order to give you the results you desire and not be left behind.

Business Social Media Mistakes

  • You’re not using your Social Media enough. If you’re not going online on at least a weekly basis then you’re wasting your time having a Social Media account for your business. People will follow if you show signs that you are there often.
  • You don’t respond to queries, complaints and compliments. In order to leverage the power of Social Media you have to interact with your followers and the people you follow. Don’t be self-centred – Listen and contribute to the discussion. This helps you build up a good online rapport.
  • You’re not being creative enough. If what you’re currently doing isn’t working then change tack. Be as creative as possible even if this means changing pictures, company bio and linking to unrelated ‘funnies’ on a regular basis.
  • You could be using the wrong Social Media platform. Different Social Media networks attract different kinds of users. Do a little Internet research about Social Media trends and demographics (of which there is PLENTY) and find out which Social Networks your target audience is engaging with.
  • You’re not doing enough to promote your Social Media accounts. Include link on your website (and even your email signature) that go to your Social Media accounts. Even if you’re a big corporate your market wants to know that they are using the same kind of Social Media platform as you.

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