If you own a business, you need a blog! Business blog marketing opens up new market channels for your business.  According to WordPress, there are over 18 million WordPress blogs online.  That number (18 million) is just accountable for WordPress blogs.

There are over 18 million WordPress publishers as of November 2009: 9.2 million blogs hosted on WordPress.com plus 9.7 million active installations of the WordPress.org software.

This clearly shows that people are reading and communicating on blogs.

Business Blogging

It is quite easy to misunderstand the idea behind business blogging.  The most popular forms of blogging in recent history have been personal blogs.  Business blogging is a very different form of blogging with different motivations and results.

Business blogging plays a central role for companies wanting to engage with customers and prospects using social media and general online methods.  Business blogs are sweeping the business community.

Blogs are an excellent method to share a company’s expertise, build additional web traffic, and connect with potential customers.

Business blogging is a low-cost alternative to having a web presence. For small business owners without the time to learn web html or the money to hire a designer/developer, blogging offers an inexpensive method to get your company’s name out on the Internet.

Find a couple of benefits below by having a dedicated business blog:

  1. Reach new market demographics than traditional marketing.
  2. Relatively low cost and quick to get up and running.
  3. Blogs are simple to use and with RSS feeds are effective in reaching large numbers of people.
  4. Blogging is branding. Regular posts reach your market segment and make them aware of your products and services.
  5. Blogs convey authority. You will quickly be viewed as an expert and a market leader by readers.
  6. Search engines love blogs with their regular growth in content and natural link rich format.
  7. Blog marketing is also a powerful search engine optimization tool which can be used to dramatically improve website rankings.
  8. Information is broadcast at an amazing rate and picked equally quickly by the search engines.
  9. Feedback can be almost immediate and businesses can find out right away what people think of their company, products and ideas.
  10. Add a human face to your company and create a corporate personality.

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