Before you can start compiling your Business blog marketing plan, you should always answer a couple of questions on what you want to accomplish with your business blog. Do you want better organic search engine rankings? Increase your brand authority? Increase visitors? Sales?

Find a couple of questions below that can help you with your blog marketing strategy.

Blog marketing strategy questions

Objectives: What is the most important thing that you would like to accomplish with your blog? Your objectives can include building up traffic, reaching new potential prospects, open communication with current customers, building up your brand name, etc. You can create a list detailing all of your objectives and then choose the most important one.

List two more of the objectives that are important to you. This will give you a total of three objectives. More than three objectives can be difficult sometimes to focus on. Most of the activity on your blog should be focused around the primary and most important objective.

Visitors: Who will be reading your blog? This should always be your targeted audience. This should also be the same as your targeted customer if one of your main objectives is to increase sales or business leads.

Time: How much time can you commit on your blog? Usually to reach your objectives you will need to commit solid time on your blog. This could either be your own time or the time of one of your employees.

What is your budget?

How much money have you budgeted for your blog? You can set up a marketing budget for your blog that can include the blog design, videos, ghost writers, etc. Everyone knows that ghost blog writing is controversial, but many times small business owners are much better interviewed and recorded than writing blog posts themselves. A ghost writer can format the interview for final editing and then create the interview in blog format where it will be published by the owner.

Have a look at the example below for a couple of blogging tips if your goal was to build traffic to 100-200 unique visitors each day:

  • Always write interesting, informative blog posts that others will like to read and that they will find useful. Monitor the blogosphere for similar blogs and review what your ideal customer will search for on the internet.
  • Engage with your readers emotionally in each post. Write your blog posts out of your point of view. Never write in a boring text-book point of view. Readers will also find it easier to read if it’s written in an easy to read format.
  • Comment on other similar blogs. By commenting on other similar blogs, you are creating a backlink back to your blog and if your comments are seen as valuable, others will investigate to see what you are talking about.

Either way you look at it, blogging takes time and commitment. Start your business blog by creating a blogging plan for it.

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