Business blog marketing is quite different from personal blogging. Business blogging should be focused and it has a purpose. To do all this correctly, you will need to develop a business blog marketing plan to use as a guide as you write new articles on your blog.

What’s the purpose that you have for your business blog? If you want good results and build up your reader base, your blog should reflect your business goals. You can start writing your blog marketing plan by creating a page that will include your keywords, topic and the audience you want to focus on. Use this plan to keep your blog writing focused.


A blog allows you to converse and engage with your targeted audience. With business blog marketing, you have a platform to share as much information as you would like to the people who are interested in your services or products. Research and study who you would like to attract with your business blog. Search and review related successful blogs and monitor the blogosphere to see what is happening in your industry.


By developing your content strategy for your blog, you are laying the foundation for your blog marketing campaign. Quality content will connect you with interested readers and this will enable them to interact and ultimately convert them into a customer or a follower. Always keep your blog focused around a central subject that interests the audience you would like to interact with.


Keywords, keywords, keywords. Successful business blogging is focused around a topic and unique targeted keywords and keyword phrases. This allows the blogger to build an audience that will keep on coming back. Your keyword plan must be highly flexible using long tail keyword phrases. Choose 5 focused keyword phrases and perhaps as many as 50-100 long tail keyword phrases that you can use in the content of your blog articles, titles,categories, tags and links.

Blog writing tips

Blogs in general are not about selling, they are for interacting and branding.

  • Titles: Use your targeted keywords and keyword phrases in the titles of your blog articles. Search engines tends to give high importance to the words found in the blog title. Remember that when you create your blog title, you want to attract readers to satisfy the search engines. Never write for search engines, write for readers instead.
  • Prominence: Use your targeted keywords and phrases at least once in the first 100 words of your blog posting. The search engines places a higher value on text used near the beginning of the blog posting. Be careful not to overuse your keywords and keyword phrases in your business blog posts.
  • Posting length: There’s no limit to how many words should be in a blog post but readers prefer shorter postings while search engines longer posts.
  • Scan: Most readers will only scan a blog post to search what they are looking for. Be sure to make your business blog posts scannable so that users can quickly find what they are looking for. You can do this by adding numbered and ordered lists on your blog posts and increase the font weight of your headings.

Business blog marketing should always be done with a solid plan to get the best results. If you are not using a plan or you are not getting any results from your blog, read this article again and start your business blog marketing plan.

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