Running a Facebook competition can increase your website traffic and improve on your consumer interaction, but it has to be done well. Asking people to “Like” your Facebook Page for no reason (or to stand a chance to win a prize) is the common train of thought – but this just means you’re buying fans.

If you want people to Like your page, you have to offer them some sort of value. Running a competition on Facebook is a great way to reach more people, but you have to make sure your competition offers an experience instead of just acting as a vehicle to increase the number of fans on your page.

What to do?

  • Define it. Have a theme, a goal and specific outcomes. Knowing you want to launch a Facebook competition is a start – now you have to come up with the mechanics of the competition.
  • Get involved. Get everyone in your company hyped up about the competition and ask your employees to blog about it and comment on your page. Send out a mail about the competition, tell your clients about it and make sure everyone knows.
  • Produce content. If your Facebook competition has a festive season theme, write blogs and articles about the theme and post it on your Facebook page. Also make sure you have all the competition details posted on your website and page so that everyone is aware of the details and dates.
  • Fans only. Let people know that they have to be a fan on your page to stand a chance to win. (As a side note – make sure you’re giving away something cool to make sure people get involved).
  • Follow up content. If you’re running the competition over a few weeks, you’re going to need content to keep people interested. Write blogs surrounding the theme of your competition. Try to get your fans to also contribute content (this could be a part of the competition).
  • Customise your page. Everyone has a Facebook page, but not everyone has a customised page with tailored graphics that match their websites. Invest in a customised Facebook page if you want to stand out.

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