Most web surfers today is very sceptical. To make your website trustworthy and to build credibility, it is absolutely vital to take your website seriously as the web is an impersonal medium.

If your website does not appear professional or credible, potential buyers will leave in seconds. There’s millions of websites. What will make users stay on your website?

Your website is the building blocks for establishing yourself online. Most of the time, people will be looking at your online profile before conducting any business with you. This is human nature. People want to know who they are dealing with. Why not present them with a solution to problems they might be having?

Find below a couple of tips to build trust with your website

Clean Design

Start your website with a clean design. A clean website design with useful information will make your visitors interested. Always avoid confusing your visitors. The navigation, design and information should be clear and to the point. Understand what your visitors are looking for and help them to accomplish their goals.

Professional Development

If you have a big website with allot of functionality, keep the website development professional. Always guide your visitors on logical steps on what to do next. Make sure everything works 100%.

Quality Content

Always keep your content unique and informative. The images and the words you use will the reflect the quality that you provide. The key is to show what great value your service or product is.

Assure your clients

Always assure your clients that your company is trustworthy. You can do this by including a privacy policy, guarantee or a return policy on your website. Join trusted organizations and place their logos on your website. You can also clearly show your address and phone number.


People will trust what other people are saying about you and your services. Positive customers that are specific are the most powerful. Include some of these testimonials on your website to increase your credibility.

A website is a powerful business tool if utilized correctly. It is your image on the web. Leave a comment below if you want more information on how to build trust with your website.