In today’s online driven lifestyle, almost everyone using the internet daily is sceptical. The internet is really an impersonal medium so it is very important to build credibility, trust and to make sure your website is trustworthy. If your website doesn’t appear to be professional or credible, potential buyers will leave in seconds because there are thousands of other search results available.

Overcoming a lack of trust is also one of the biggest reasons to success with your website.

Build trust with your website

Design: Start your website with a clean design and make sure the content of your site is useful to others. Always check for broken links and misspellings. Never confuse your visitors by clogging up the menu. Keep the navigation, design and information clear and to the point. Research and understand what your visitors wants to accomplish and help them reach their goals.

Content is king: Always provide quality content on your website. Your content, services and products needs to appear top-notch on your website. Use selected images and the words must always reflect the quality that you provide. The key is to show what great value your service and product is.

Assurance: Your company is trustworthy and assure your customers that it is. Include a privacy policy and a terms of conditions where possible. You can join trust organization and place their respective logo’s on your website with permission. You can also clearly show your address and telephone number. Include a returns policy as well as information regarding your guarantee.

Testimonials: People trust what other people are saying about you. They will trust others opinions much more than what you say about yourself. Positive customers that are specific and to the point are the most powerful. Get positive customer feedback from your clients to include on your website.

To make your website trustworthy is another way in how you can turn a visitor into a customer. Every little bit helps where there are millions of other websites.

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