Social networking is all about building relationships.  With good regular use, you and your business can build long-term customer relationships through regular communication.  Good social networking is to build customer relationships over a long period.  People prefer to do business with people that they know and that they trust.  By regular engagement on social networks, you can build your trust and credibility. Making you the expert in your field.

You can build social networking relationships on blogs, websites, email and other social media websites.  Social networking takes time and dedication and it isn’t an easy task but, the return you will receive by building these positive relationships will exceed the costs involved.  The trust and visibility your business can benefit from social networking out-weighs the time spent in building these relationships.


Regular blogging allows you to reach your readers at conversation level.  You can reach targeted people by solving problems, business advice, ideas and insights on how you can help them.  Usually they can respond to your blog posts by leaving comments.  You can engage them with a blogging conversation.  Blogging allows you to develop strong relationships with existing and future customers.

Relationship website

Design and develop your website to be relationship orientated.  Create a warm friendly user experience for your visitors.  You can do this by showing your hospitality and offer your visitors useful information, ebooks or other tools that might help them with their problems.  Use an easy navigation system for your visitors that will make it easy for them to locate all the information to what they are looking for on your website.

Also encourage two-way dialogue where they can easily contact you via email and telephone so that you can give them immediate answers to their questions.  You can also make your website interactive.  Create a two-way flow of information with live support. Allow visitors to describe their unique needs and create specialized answers for their needs.


Use email to stay in touch with your visitors that gave you permission to send them emails.  You can let your visitors subscribe to your newsletters to receive valuable information and resources regarding the services or products that you business specializes in.  This is about creating a positive experience, not spamming.  Always offer the recipients of the emails a way to opt out from any future emails they might receive from you.  Make them feel like they are in control.

Social media engagement

There’s a couple of good social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook that you can use to interact and network with your prospective customers.  There are thousands of people with different market niches conversing on these networks.

The most important aspect of social networking is the establish that you are the expert in your field from the masses.  Do what others are not will to do.  Become the expert.

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