To build relevant backlinks for your website is one of the most important “Off-page optimization” factors. Other websites will link to your website if you have good content that they wish to refer to. In this case your website will acquire links without much intervention from you.

Many webmasters soon realized that external links would get their website ranked well and that is when they started to use techniques that are seen or termed as “Black Hat SEO”. A term used when one engages in activities that try to manipulate the search engine rankings.

The objective with link building is to get links back to your website using your “product keyword” or variable thereof in the link text. This is seen as a valuable link and not easily manipulated.

Links can be created by the following link building strategies:

  • Blog posts that promote, discuss or compare products
  • Article marketing – where one writes product related articles and submits to “Article websites” where webmasters can use your article on their websites. The rule is that they cannot change your content and must leave the authors signature where links are pointed back to your website.
  • Reciprocal links from other industry related websites. Where webmasters agree to swap links with one other using requested “valuable” link text.

Source: Make sure your company is visible on Google with Search Engine Optimization