Here at WSI, each and every content marketing client receives a customised content calendar from us. Without this – all of our copywriting attempts would be futile. Here are just a few benefits of working from a content calendar:

  • Focuses on different themes during different months. If your business is usually busy during the holiday season or has product-specific sales and promotions during specific months, this needs to be reflected in your content calendar. The goal of your content strategy is to recreate what you do in real life, online.
  • Ensure everyone knows their responsibilities. There are usually various people contributing to a content marketing strategy. A content calendar creates a single touch-point where everyone can see when they need to deliver their content, who will be posting it and where it needs to be shared online.
  • It forces you to brainstorm new content ideas. Coming up with your first few blog posts isn’t a problem – it’s the other 11 months of the calendar that you need to fill in order to make sure your content marketing strategy doesn’t go stale.

Continuously coming up with new content ideas can be challenging.

Here are a few things you can do to generate more content ideas:

  • Ask your customers what they want you to write about
  • Look at online trends. There must be certain hashtags you can type into Twitter to find out what’s newsworthy in your industry
  • Repurpose content. If you gave a presentation or your company created a Whitepaper, make sure you’re repurposing this content into blogs, articles, infographics and tweets
  • Browse StumbleUpon. This site isn’t only used for entertainment – it can be a great source of new, industry-specific content ideas.

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