Yes, you read correctly. Blogs are better than normal websites. They are even better when you use them together.  Blogs are for branding, interacting and communicating with your targeted customers.  A website is a marketing piece designed to sell or at least get some sort of conversion.

Blog marketing is a powerful business strategy. If you add a blog to your website you can get the benefits of both.  Why should you add a blog to your website?

Blogs are active

Blogs are active and websites are passive. Blogs broadcast their content out to the web via RSS every time there is something new. Websites on the other hand wait to be discovered by search engine spiders. It’s like the difference between fishing and hunting. You can sit and wait for fish or you can actively hunt and pursue.

Blogs are faster

Posting and syndication is almost instantaneous. Technorati and other blog search engines index and list your postings within minutes after you publish.


Blogs build a readership. It is easy for visitors to subscribe to a blog so they can view new postings as soon as they happen. Blogs encourage repeat visits with content being delivered to your favorite reader or delivery by email. Compare this to bookmarking a website which depends on the visitor to come back.

Fresher content

Blogs have newer fresher content. By their nature, blogs have regular fresh content and they are more up to date. Blogs tend to deal with breaking events and technology insights.


Blogs invite participation and interaction. Blog conversations are encouraged providing multiple viewpoints and discussions. Comments can be made easily from each page.

Blogs combine elements to enable interaction and to help you participate and, preferably, initiate conversations.  Add a blog to your website to get the benefits from both.

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