Having an informative blog can be a very powerful tool for any business.  Blogs have already changed the way businesses communicate with their clients and prospects.  You don’t need a one way broadcasting system in place anymore by only talking to your customers. Instead you can engage, interact and converse your messages through blogs and social media.  Your blog can be personalized to be more effective in getting the attention of your targeted audience.

Find a couple of tips below for your blog.

Time and commitment

Just to make it clear…blogging takes time, commitment and discipline to make it work.  The most successful bloggers dedicates at least one hour a day to reading, researching and writing good valuable posts.  There is no getting away from it.


Research similar blogs and forums regarding your niche.  By reading and researching blogs, you will begin to understand how other successful bloggers think to present useful information to their readers.  The more you read the better writer you will become.


Learn every detail concerning the services, products and information that your business will be broadcasting on your blog.  By becoming an expert in your topic, you are building trust and credibility for your business.  This is one of the most important factors for any successful blog.  Blogging will keep you aware of any news related to your niche and surroundings.

Communication is king

Content isn’t king – communication is king, but in order to establish good communication, you need good content to start it.  Write informative relevant posts.  Relevancy is the key.  Readers wants fresh, valuable and remarkable information.

RSS can make your content travel

With the correct social media marketing initiative in place for your blog, visitors will find your blog faster.  One way to accomplish this is by having a RSS feed linked to your blog.  RSS (real simple syndication) is way to easily distribute a list of your post headlines and updates to a wide number of people and RSS aggregators.  By linking your RSS feed to popular RSS aggregators like Technorati, your content can be found fast by all the readers of those social media websites.  Be sure to add a “subscription” link on your blog that points to your RSS feed.

Social Bookmarks

Add social bookmarking links on your posts.  Social bookmarking is a way of saving your favourite bookmarks to a public website and tagging them with relative keywords found in the content of the page you want to save. People search social bookmarking sites to find the most popular websites dealing with almost any subject.

You can make it work

You will be writing to engage your visitors and to create readers that will regularly visit your blog to read what you have to say.  After a while you will notice that some of the topics you create will draw more attention and traffic than others.  Once this has been established, create similar posts or follow-up posts.

If you write good content for your blog and engage with your readers, more and more people will listen to your message.  This will build a list of visitors following your blog that can help reach your goals with your blog.