You have a blog (the swiss army knife of social media) and you have been blogging for a couple of months now.  How do you measure if all your effort was successful?  What topics that you have written on your blog are best received?  You can use web analytics from your hosting company or another third-party statistical software package to measure this to give you the best answers.

What is the purpose of your blog?

You need to have a purpose for your blog before you can start to measure success.  It has been proven that a blog that addresses a particular audience about a particular audience will build a larger readership base.  Visitors will return to your blog if they like what they read.  You can do this by writing informative unique content.  If you write about a wide variety of subjects and topics, you won’t develop many repeat visits.

What is the feedback you have received?

What feedback have you received from your visitors regarding your blog?  When you have written something interesting, you will notice an increase in the number of visitors to your blog and the comments.  Listen and watch the feedback.  You can use this to deliver more of the same content that your audience likes.

Find below simple steps on how you can measure the success of your blog

  1. The number of visitors:  If no one visits your blog, it is not effective.  If you write a couple of blog posts a week, which of these postings creates the highest number of visitors?  Figure out what you did right and do more of it.
  2. Comments:.  Which of your postings yields the highest number of comments and discussion?  Was it the subject you have used?  Your writing style?  Maybe the questions that you have asked in your post?
  3. Length of stay:  How long did the average visitor stay on your blog?  Were they only there for 10 seconds or 5 minutes?
  4. Entry pages:  What postings that you have made attracts visitors over time?  These postings are the ones that visitors find on the search engines long after they have been written.  These are usually your reader’s favourites.
  5. Location:  Where are your readers coming from?  With Google analytics and other analytics software you can usually see where your visitors are originating from.  Which country and city.  This can be very important if you focus on local markets.

A  blog’s success can only be measured over a long period of time as it takes time and dedication to maintain it.  It’s not an overnight success.

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