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Here I am training a bright class of 7 students on using Digital Marketing for business. The challenge they gave me was to show an actual demonstration of how one goes about writing a blog post and then the process of spreading the word on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus.

Hands on blogging

We all agreed to write a few paragraphs on using social media for their particular industry. In addition to writing the post, we are also going to write a few tweets, a LinkedIn status update, a Facebook and Google Plus update.Names of people and companies are withheld as this is only a training exercise and not for real.

Here are the posts:

Using social media in healthcare

Medical practitioners in Southern Africa are too busy with the physical patient and do not have time for social media. On the other hand the patients are now social media natives and would not mind a virtual relationship with their doctors. Here are 3 examples of how to use social media in the Healthcare Industry.

1)   Confirmation of appointments – Doctors/Hospitals can accept and schedule appointments directly with patients who now do not have to queue for service

2)   Patient follow-ups – Doctors can communicate directly with their patients as a follow up on the patient’s recovery progress and efficacy of the prescribe medicine.

3)   Virtual consultations – The doctors can receive patient’s biodata and vital signs and even have live face to face consultations with patients via skype. This then allows them to prescribe and treat the patient virtually. Physical space will not be a barrier.

Using social media for electricity usage education

One of the ways of educating the community is through the use of twitter, so her are some tweets we will send out.

Did you know you could cut your electricity costs by taking a shower instead of a bath?

Save electricity by installing energy saving bulbs instead of traditional globes.

If you need a cup of coffee, boil a cup of water, not a full kettle. Save electricity.

Leaving appliances in standby can still consume 50% of the electricity it would have used. Save electricity.

When cooking, use pots of similar size to your stove plates for effective use of electricity

Make sure your hot water taps don’t drip. Save electricity

Using social media in the film industry

Digital marketing in the film industry is already treading with social media through education exchange as part of the distribution platform that can be accessible to audiences.

In advancing the production of film making it is essential that we keep up with technological changes. More especially that Digital Terrestial Television (DTT) will be launched in South Africa. We should sustain relevance for the growth of GDP and Golden Economy

Using social media in manufacturing

Social media can be used to maintain relationships and credibility with key customers in our major markets. We would achieve this by setting up a LinkedIn account. The voice from LinkedIn should convey that we are a professional, helpful, honest and inspiring company whose primary purpose is to engage, educate, inform and enable customers to do business with us.

We will maintain ongoing communication with our customers by maintaining a bi-monthly blog update. We will provide feedback and share our views on our products and industry.

Some topics could include our production process, product applications and end product usage benefits. E.g. Why glass is better to use in food presentation over other packaging material such as tin cans etc.

We could also use weekly tweets to our customers to keep them updated on the industry and our products.

Using social media in telecommunications

Just by looking at students in this class indicates that traveling costs could have been saved by using Telepresence services. We have people from Botswana, Swaziland and Zimbabwe attending the training.

With Telepresence services, they could have just rented a public room which could have accommodated 6-10 people from their companies, and have one training session with the rest of the countries at the same time.

The lecturer would be able to project the presentation that all countries can view. The interaction would feel like we are all in the same room. Use Telepresence to save travel costs

Well that was a lot of fun and a lot of typing for me during lunch

Tell us what you think about using social media in your business?

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