Blogging on social media is a serious business – and a powerful tool used for online marketing. With blogging, you are able to reach out to your target audience on a global scale.

Ten tips for blogging with purpose:

  1. Teach, don’t preach – Adopt an educator’s mentality to win trust and to educate consumers on new products and services.
  2. Converse and answer questions – Respond to any comments or questions posted on the blog as promptly as possible in an effort to satisfy consumer’s needs and exchange ideas. Make sure to ask your readers questions, encourage feedback and criticism in an effort to create an even better product and/or service.
  3. Be transparent – Don’t be afraid to address real issues, challenges and issues in your specialised field. Write with uncompromising integrity and don’t avoid any tough questions.
  4. Use images – Make use appealing or informative photographs, illustrations and charts. They will make posts more attractive and attention grabbing.
  5. No fluff – Often, posts can be too short or too long – or too full of filler material. That is why we suggest that you hire a social media specialist that has the time to do the research and write with expertise and dedication.
  6. Be consistent – Hire a professional media writer if you plan on starting a blog for your business. The number one reason why blogs fail is because they are neglected. A professional writer and/or agency will make sure that there is a consistent flow of fresh, quality articles posted on your blog.
  7. Include customers – Cite real customers, real challenges and real solutions.
  8. Invest seriously – Invest in the tools you need and put the best writers and designers on your blog.
  9. Promote your blog – Let professional writers keep your social media blog updated by promoting it across other social networks and across all potential touch points.

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