If you’re blogging your heart out and investing blood, sweat, tears and precious time creating blogs, then you obviously want them to be read. Posting a blog doesn’t magically make the post go viral and even sharing the blog post on social media doesn’t always give your blog the traction it needs (and deserves – as we just mentioned, these things take time).

Creating an e-mail list for your blog is a must-have. If you’re sharing knowledge and opinions that people find worthwhile, you need to let them know when you’ve posted a new blog. Creating an e-mail list can achieve this. Here’s a simple tip to help you populate this list:

Make your subscriber pick-up line enticing

Asking people to sign up to an e-mail list for no reason is like sending a Facebook request to a stranger and saying “Wanna have friendship with me?” It’s just not on. Actually, it’s off-putting.

Blog readers aren’t mind readers (in fact, they’re there to pick your brain) so spell it out to them: why should they join your list, what can they expect and how often are you going to be sending them e-mails? People don’t like spam, so assure them that you’re not going to share their information and that you’re not a Rumpelstiltskin-like blogger that churns out hundreds of posts per week. You’ll only be notifying them if you’ve posted something that could, a) improve their business, b) give them new insights that would appeal to them or c) would win a Pulitzer prize (in which case you would probably also close down your blog and start working as a serious investigative journalist for the New York Times). Make it worthwhile.

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