The blogosphere consists of millions of blog postings that reflects all aspects of business and life. This is quite a large pool of information available to anyone and it is searchable using search engines, blog aggregators and blog search engines.

This information can also be retrieved automatically every time keywords or a brand name is mentioned by using Google Alerts and other related monitoring tools.

Business blog marketing involves the marketing on the blogosphere using marketing intelligence. Companies are monitoring the online buzz. They listen to what others and their customers are saying. They are also listening to what their competitors are saying and about the new directions that their market is heading in.

If your company is not listening on what is being said online, you are missing out on a very important part of market intelligence and social media.

Market intelligence

All about you: Discussions takes place in real-time. These will include discussions about your customer perceptions and your brand. Before you establish yourself on the blogosphere, research the online tools available to you and monitor customer perceptions. You will then be able to launch your blog to address specific issues.

Customers: By monitoring your customers you will be able to learn what directions they are taking in their business. You can learn the challenges that they are facing which may mean valuable opportunities for your business. What are their motivations and what drives them to take the final decision?

Competitors: From your competitors you will be able to learn what new technologies or directions they are using. Always listen to what they are saying. Are they normally satisfied or are they ready to make a new change? You can also monitor your competitor’s press releases which can give you breaking news and research.

Market: You will find lots of conversations on the blogosphere about every conceivable market in your industry. Is your market busy changing with some new technology trends that is being developed? Learn about the concerns, factors and the excitement that are affecting long-term growth rate in the industry.

The blogosphere

The blogosphere is really full of speculation and information open to everyone. The blogosphere is definitely holding opportunities waiting to happen.

Always keep your eye open on the most direct competition or even more importantly, their largest customers to give you a leading indicator of change. You can use blogs as a way to listen to and involve customers.

The best SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategies starts by listening.

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