With the expanse of online marketing and interactive digital formats for business promotion, blogging is turning into an effective internet marketing tool.

Most marketers, businesses (both emerging and established) and even beginners are employing blogging for marketing their products and services online. In short, creating a brand image through interactive blogging!

Marketers all over the world are using the many facets of blogging to help them reach a wider audience base which is both diverse and vast. The rich audience composition of blogging makes it a versatile form of internet marketing.

Similarly, small businesses lay impetus on blogging for promoting their products and services on the online platform. The latest surveys and online marketing trends reflect the accelerating graph of blogging in the online domain.

Even entrepreneurs and beginners rely on the cost-effectiveness and wide reach of blogging.

The tool not only strikes a chord with the existing consumer base of a company but also helps in establishing a bond with the potential consumer base. Moreover, it helps in easier dissemination of information in a conversational, friendly manner with instant feedback available through high speed and “anywhere-anytime” internet.

The most important aspect of blogging which makes it an indispensable part of the worldwide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services is its ability to establish credibility for writers (bloggers) on the Internet. The rich information provided through blogs (corporate, personal or industrial blogs) help in establishing a blogger as an expert and promotes the blog as a rich resource for an industry or as a face of a brand, company or establishment.

From a Search Engine Optimization perspective, blogs are highly visible and ranked on the search engines.

They are regularly updated and have the “news” essence which helps them move up on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). They have their own blog directories, blog search engines, social blogging sites etc. To sum it up, the popular blog search engine, Technorati tracked over 112, 000,000 blogs in the early part of January two years back. And the rise in blogging for internet marketing has been stupendous ever since!

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