Yep that’s right.  Tweetmeme is down.  Tweetmeme is famous for showing a list of Re-Tweets that your blog posts receives.

What is Tweetmeme?

Tweetmeme aggregates all the popular links on Twitter to determine which links are popular by analysing links that people have “tweeted”, organising and categorising them – delivering streams of the most popular.

Usually you can view our Tweetmeme button on our blog next to our posts but since their servers are down, it can’t calculate the number of re-tweets the posts have.

I decided to create this short post because I think it’s kind of funny how people react to it.  I did a simple search on Twitter Search for “tweetmeme down” and found funny responses below.

  • BuzzEdition: RT @Sheamus: Yikes – what’s happened to @Tweetmeme? Website is down and plugin is kaput. (@nickhalstead?)
  • timremmerswaal: @thenextweb or @boris – the tweetmeme API is down. You might wanna deactive the plugin in your wordpress 😉
  • chilyn: It’s amusing that it’s so difficult to find info on why a site that is built on tracking the sharing of real time info (@tweetmeme) is down.
  • finalwebsites: looks like tweetmeme is down, does that mean that we didn’t know which topics are popular right now?
  • naudine: RT @loic: Tweetmeme is down needs help from anyone working at Internic if you can help contact @nickhalstead thanks

The last one is quite funny. Why do you need help when Tweetmeme is down? Do you depend on Tweetmeme for your social media strategies?

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