If you are a small to medium-sized business just starting out with mobile marketing, you will probably find the sheer volume of information available online mind-boggling. To streamline your approach, our digital marketing company has created four clear best practices for your business:

  • Start With Permission

Making customers feel secure about your communications is an essential starting point. The vast majority of people are annoyed to receive messages from senders they have not approved (just think about how ticked off you get when you receive unsolicited spam from companies). The best engagement will come from simply asking your customers for their consent.

  • Understand The Consumer

Mobile marketing evokes negative sentiment. For starters, you need to understand the reasoning behind this. According to statistics from digital security company Gemalto, annual survey respondents had the following to say:

  • 77% said they received an offer that was not in line with their interests,
  • 75% said it was difficult to opt out of the communication, and
  • 80% felt that the benefit they received was not attractive.


  • Know Your Audience

Customers can be divided into four categories:

Marketing Immune

27% belong to the category marketing immune with no interest in the benefits offered by mobile messages,

Easy Going

27% belong to the category easy going with no need to be in control but with limited impact on purchases,

Control Freaks

29% belong to the category control freaks who need to be in control of incoming messages and remain interested in mobile marketing, and

Connected Marketing Lovers

18% belong to the category connected marketing lovers who are interested in promotions or other benefits and do not need to be in control.

It should, therefore, be clear that the segmentation of customers will ensure a more effective approach.

  • Be Relevant

Send the right message to the right person at the right moment. Over half of the people surveyed were happy to receive certain types of messages when relevant, and 52% said they would take advantage of an immediate discount.

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