Once again I am traveling and this time I am looking for the best jewellery store in Melbourne.

As you know I am a trainer for WSI and travel the world teaching Internet Consultants my techniques of implementing Digital Marketing solutions for all types of businesses.

In this particular exercise we were brainstorming on how we could get Bevilles jewellers to a first page position on Google for the keyword phrase “best jewellery store in Melbourne”. We are attempting to achieve this with this blog post and offer a call to to action to view Beville’s jewellery catalogue to see their range of jewellery, watches and homewares at lovable prices. Isn’t that a great phrase, “lovable prices”? To me it comes from the heart, someone with passion for their business, and in this situation Bevilles Jewellers are a family business running for over 75 years.

Any jewellery business that has been operating for over 75 years must be rated as one of the best jewellery stores in Melbourne.

One of the questions asked in the training was; “How can one use Internet Marketing to effectively generate online leads for a jewellery store and in this case, in Melbourne Australia?”

There are 4 options that I would recommend and they are offered in priority:

  1. Paid search advertising such as Google PPC. To me this is the best way to get leads next week. And with an effective 90-day plan one can end up with a great performing campaign that returns the best results for your money.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation comes next. After 90 days of tweaking your PPC campaign we would have identified the best performing keyword phrases that are entered with intent. We would begin to optimise pages for these phrases and this would be the beginning of developing an online asset for a jewellery store such as Bevilles. In addition we would start to rely less on paid advertising.
  3. Social Media optimisation is one of the best ways to complement any search engine campaign and in this case I would add photos to Flickr, Facebook and create slide shows and place them on www.slideshare.net as well as www.scribd.com as these are two busy sites that can generate a lot of referral and search traffic.
  4. Content marketing is the next best thing to engage in as this is where you deliver relevant content at exactly the moment a searcher is looking for the information. Content pages such as:
  1. What is good jewellery design?
  2. How to clean gold jewellery cheaply?
  3. What is the best time in the year to buy jewellery?

Pages such as these help introduce your brand to the visitor when they were searching for information related about your products or services. They are the best way to create a timeless online asset with generic information that people seek.

For those of you that attend my training you know that it is important to construct an optimised page if you are expecting to get a decent Google result.

One of the most important factors is to include your targeted keywords in the last 25 words of your content page. So if we are expecting to get a top 10 result for the keyword phrase “best jewellery store in Melbourne” then now is the time we should mention it.

We post this at 08h30 Australian and hope we get the result for best jewellery store in Melbourne for Bevilles Jewellers.

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