I just enjoy working for the best Internet Marketing company in the World. Here I am with some great friends that I have met playing golf on a day when South Africa is playing in the opening Soccer World Cup match against Mexico.


For those of you who know Doug Schust, he arranged the golf day for the local Toronto Internet Consultants.

So while I was looking around the table I realized the depth of experience that we have collectively as a group of WSI Franchisees. When we pull together we can take on large projects with confidence and through the use of our exclusive Solution Centers we are kept up to date with the latest in Internet Marketing technologies.

Once again this blog post is in preparation for my Digital Marketing Training and one of the exercises is using Social media optimization to supplement your search engine results.

I will post this blog during our social media session and see how quick Google indexes this post on the best Internet Marketing company in Toronto, or should I say the world.



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