Fast, cost-effective, accessible and easily replicated – email is an important business communication tool. In an era where automation is rapidly gaining momentum, email marketing remains important for building personal relationships with prospects, leads, and current and past customers. It gives you a chance to ‘speak’ directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. Below we investigate some of the benefits of email marketing:

Build Trust

People do business with people they know, like and trust. By sharing helpful and informative content with your email subscribers you can build trust and thus your brand’s credibility.

Strengthen Relationships

If you want to build strong customer relationships, it’s important to get your message to the people who matter most to your business. A well-timed email will keep your brand alive for your subscriber, whether it is during your busy season or the slower times of the year.

Improve Communication

Some business models are very reliant on effective communication – email is a reliable solution to keep your subscribers informed and up-to-date.

Generate Calls

When executed properly, email marketing lets businesses reach the right person, with the right offer, at the right time. In fact, a well-timed email can result in a flood of calls each time you hit send.

Boost Sales

If you need to trigger sales during a slow period, a quick email with an irresistible promotion can be created, eliciting an immediate response. The results are easy to track – simply monitor your orders.

Build Your Brand

With email marketing, you can strengthen brand recognition with new and potential clients. Your email may even be forwarded and shared amongst the subscriber’s friends, family and contacts.

Measure Performance

It provides you with the metrics you need to see how your campaign emails are performing, which will help you to:

Market smarter, and

Better understand the needs and interests of your customer base.

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