Unless you are Apple, McDonald’s or another huge business, the content you generate and distribute as news will be done by you. Being able to make use of user-generated content is the ideal position to be in, but many small to medium sized businesses (unfortunately) don’t yet have the brand loyalty to expect bloggers to scrutinise their new product developments and other news for them.

If you’ve got a website and a blog, you need to be your own journalist (or at least hire a digital marketer that will act as a journalist for you). Everything from new hires, promotions, company events, product launches and expos should be regaled to your readers and followers as news. If you’re not recreating what you do in real life online, then you are missing great opportunities to market yourself to potential customers as well as existing customers.

Finding newsworthy things to blog about

Blogging about your own business isn’t good enough – you have to stay on top of what your competition is saying and what’s being said in your industry. If there’s a controversial issue, new research or changes in the industry, you should be the first one to break the story to your followers. Take a news article that relates to your business, link to it and write your own opinion on the subject to customise it to your target audience.

If you need someone to be a journalist for your business, we can help. Contact our creative content marketing team today.

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