What separates good content on social media from great content? Any creative agency can create content that is beautiful, that resonates, that’s interesting, quirky and different. Great content, however, is fuelled by content that is derived from listening right across the social web.

When you listen before you create content, you have a much better understanding of how your content will perform simply by looking at what your desired audience is already responding to. At WSI OMS, before we create any post, we curate across the internet to see what a brand’s fans are saying and what they really want to talk about. This helps us determine exactly what type of content we create and it helps our content to perform better.

Brands who use content calendars have the benefit of knowing what type of content they are going to post where and at which date. These brands, however, will be better positioned if they use their content calendar as a guideline on what to post but remain flexible with their topics. Here are a few reasons why:

Social Media Changes Fast

What was interesting on Facebook last month is no longer interesting now. Things like live Facebook videos and 3D pictures happen seemingly overnight, so if you are too rigid about the content you are posting, you won’t be able to stay on the pulse. When you plan out your content too far in advance, you are limiting your ability to innovate.

Real-Time Relevance

When you update in real-time, you can do things that are relevant to you and your audience on the fly. This doesn’t mean that you need to post content about the Super Bowl just because everyone else is posting about it. You can focus on things that are happening in much smaller, niche segments, and innovate quickly and effectively.

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