So, you want to improve your online visibility, but you’re not an Search Engine Optimization expert. Never fear by using a professional internet marketer to assist with your website all the way through to designing your strategy you can easily improve your visibility, keyword rankings and traffic….which sells your products and services.

As a “fierce practical” strategic marketer, I always seek to understand how applying SEO to an array of digital content—website, blog, press releases, a social-media presence, even “old-fashioned articles”—can boost visibility online.

It is amazing when exploring big-budget sites only to find they have not incorporated the most basic Search Engine Optimization best-practices. I suspect these sites must be relying on PPC (pay-per-click) to generate traffic, and “Wouldn’t the PPC be a lot more cost-effective if it were coordinated with better on-page SEO?”

Use the following basic steps to enhance site visibility:

Pay special attention to each page’s META data

Click on View/Page Source in Firefox, View/Source in Internet Explorer; and right-click/View Page Source in Chrome. Use Crtl-F and type in “Meta,”. What do you see listed for keywords, title and description? How relevant are they to each page?

Review the content on each page

Ask yourself whether the content on each Web page addresses the keywords that are unique to that page. Consider header tags, alt tags, and keyword density.

Spend time choosing your keywords

One can never stress enough how important good keywords are. “They define you. They characterize you,” and the “find” you. There are several resources for researching keywords, including the Google Search Engine Starter Guide (pdf).

The Point

Get the most out of your digital assets. Applying SEO best-practices to every Web page should help boost and maintain website visibility.

Would you like to drive more traffic from search engine optimisation as well an more content?

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