We recently started doing content marketing for a bankruptcy law firm in Connecticut. With expertise specializing in bankruptcy, foreclosure, credit card debt, tax, and small business bankruptcies, Connecticut individuals can be certain you will be in the best legal hands.

Dealing with bankruptcy 

Experiencing financial difficulties is not an easy mountain to climb. However, bankruptcy is a legal process that helps settle your debts and provides a clear path to a fresh start. Whether you have already filed or just are considering bankruptcy, it is advisable to consult with a bankruptcy law firm. This will help maximize the benefits stipulated to you by the United States Bankruptcy Code. The common procedure is your assets become liquidated to cover your debts.

There are several services a bankruptcy law firm offers to help navigate this process 

Bankruptcy notice serving. In certain situations, your creditors can apply to have you made bankrupt. A good law firm on your side can help you to achieve a positive outcome.

Foreclosure. With years of training and experience, our team will apply themselves to successfully defend your foreclosure case. When looking for a foreclosure attorney, Connecticut folk need look no further.

Credit card debt relief. Connecticut, we can negotiate with creditors and attempt to lower the amount of your debt so that it fits with your ability to pay off your debt.

Tax attorney. For vital guidance on tax matters – a tax attorney – Connecticut can rely on our experts to advise individuals on tax laws and disputes.

Small business bankruptcies. If you are a small business owner facing financial difficulties, we will provide you with legal assistance in filing bankruptcy or help you get back on track.

Common bankruptcy options 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Once the debtor files bankruptcy, a trustee sells all of its assets. The proceeds of the assets will then be distributed to the creditors.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A debtor proposes a payment plan of between three to five years to cover their debt and avoid liquidation.

With decades of experience representing secured creditors, we can ensure you the best possible outcome of your bankruptcy process.


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