Marianna & I are spending some quality time with my best friend Peter Rooyakkers in a small city called George. It just so happens that his kids have their friends around while we are here. I thought this might be a good opportunity to interview these Gen Y’ers and find out what makes them tick. After all they are the future leaders of our country and will run businesses that are currently run by Baby Boomers.

Jenna Rooyakkers, Lloyd Uren, Samantha Metcalfe

GenY Interview

From the left I am speaking to Jenna Rooyakkers (13 years old who attends Holy Cross Primary in George), Lloyd Uren (15 years old attending Saint Davids School) and Samantha Metcalfe (13 years old attending Rivonia Primary school), Sam for short.

Here are the questions I asked them.

Q) When dealing with companies, what is most important for you?

A) Respect for you. Have inviting colours and friendly people

Q) Why is respect so important to someone who is 13 years old?

A) It is important and irritates us when people don’t show respect. Our money is the same colour as a 23 year old or a 50 year old person.

Q) When spending your money. What should the seller know about you?

A) Know that I am serious about spending my money and that I would pay cash for what I buy. I choose where I buy from and checking prices is important as well as what you get for your money. Quality is important to us.

Q) How much time do you spend on the Internet daily?

A) About 90 minutes.

Q) What do you do on the Internet?

A) I play games, go on YouTube and do emails. Do research on high school, Olympics. I keep a laptop next to me when I study so that I can look up any words that I don’t understand.

Q) How important is your cell phone for you? How long can you go without your cell phone?

A) I don’t need my phone on me all the time. I find it disrespectful to use a phone at dinner tables. Sometimes I wonder how people got along with no cell phones.

Q) What should the older generation know about Gen Y’s that they don’t know?

A) We are not what you guys make us out to be. Especially with things like our talents. Parents should not hold us back from the challenges we want to do.  Parents should not think that our lives belong to them, at least not all the time.

Q) What services don’t you feel you should pay for?

A) We don’t like paying high prices for songs. That is why we share music we like. Movies have also become very expensive and the snacks that they sell at the movies are expensive. We prefer to go to arcades and play games.

Q) What is the best way for you to keep in touch with your friends?

A) Blackberry BBM is the cheapest way to send messages

Some final comments: The customer comes first and that has to apply to all ages. If you want to get younger people’s attention with ads, it should have a story and humour is important, especially if a song or dance is included.

Well thanks to Lloyd, Jenna and Sam for sharing their thoughts with a baby boomer. If you like this post, why not take time out to ask your Gen Y’s what makes them tick, then share that with us.

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