One thing is for sure, mobile marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! With the use of mobile devices only becoming more and more widespread, and with the technology behind these devices only getting more and more complex, businesses of all shapes and sizes have no choice but to surrender to the mobile revolution. Here are our predictions for B2B mobile marketing in 2018:

  • More B2B Researchers will be using their Mobile Phones during the Purchase Process 

According to a study by Google, in partnership with Millward Brown Digital, the mobile device is soon to start playing a bigger role in terms of B2B research within companies across the country and all around the globe.

  • Executives Will Spend More Time Utilising Online Resources 

When looking for a new supplier, we predict that executives will begin relying more on social platforms such as LinkedIn and, in particular, on those relationships created via the platform. More often than not, the interactions necessary to build and solidify these important relationships will take place using a mobile device.

  • Higher Demand for a Mobile-Friendly Website 

Potential clients will spend a long time researching different suppliers, usually using a mobile device such as a tablet. Most of these clients will choose to visit the supplier’s website during this process, hence the reason why ensuring that your website is effectively mobile-friendly is so very important – now more than ever before. Fast loading times and a good text-visual balance is what is likely to keep the potential client interested and engaged.

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