We always look forward to listening to Avinash. He has a great sense of humor and really makes your think about how best to use Google Analytics.

Print newspaper advertising – the rise and fall

When this happens to you what is your plan on how to deal with this transformation in the world

Influence – and experience is something Avinash likes. Make sure that when you influence people make sure that you deliver an incredible experience and if you deliver an incredible amount of value  – you should get a lot of money.

Re-imagine Greatness – most consultants report garbage like clicks and page views – a sign of high quality stupidity

Fans, likes, or flavor of the month

These are just How Idiots Track Success (HITS)

Its better to be rich and an Idiot than poor and be an Idiot

Bounce Rate is “ I came, I puked, I left”

  • Look at 2 unique reports and look at the top 10 entries and fix the bounce rates
  • Look at the campaigns that is sending bad traffic – fix this and you save them money
  • Measure brand destruction – when you upset your visitors
  • Google browser size labs to see what people see
  • Look at loyalty not page views
  • Abandonment rate – focus on this metric
  • Find out where you are losing the most amount of money
  • Show your clients where you can save them money and they will be loyal to you for the rest of your life
  • Its not important how many people come to your site – you need to get your share of search
  • The single best metric to use is “task completion rate” and you must do this


How are we getting people to come to our website

When they came what did they do

Acquisition, behavior, outcomes

Focus on metrics that focus on the important things for your clients

Customize your reports for your clients

Focus on the micro conversions to show how much money you bring to them

Focus on acquisition and outcomes with email

Social media – don’t shout – participate in the conversation

An unbelievable applause