Copywriting guidelines during Covid-19

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There is no way that content marketing can stay the same as the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly transforms every aspect of our lives. Copywriters are quickly adapting to the new conditions, shifting their word choice and tone to suit the new culture and frame of mind that is emerging from the crisis. Follow these basic guidelines to bring your content creation in line. Make sensitivity a priority There is a time and place for irreverence – and we copywriters do love a dose of humour, don’t we? Especially if it pushes the envelope. However, now is not the time. Now it’s best to focus on a more sensitive approach and rather err on the side of seriousness. You can still keep the tone light but opt for an inspiring and motivational tone. Put on your word filters You know all those buzz words you love to put in your copy? Things like “killer deal” or “infectious enthusiasm” or “viral content”? Well you’re going to have to retire them for a while – until we get to the other side of this thing. But why not see this as a good thing? You have the opportunity to flex your creative muscle and find some clever replacements for these well-worn expressions. Keep your position neutral, your tone helpful It seems incredibly insensitive now to say things like “take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer”. It would be better to say something like “Let us help you with much needed savings during these tough times.” Take away the hard sell and focus on being supportive. Maintain trust by being accurate if you’re going to reference data on COVID-19 for any reason, make sure you do so advisedly. Reference only credible sources and quote them carefully. A wrong step in this area will throw your credibility – and possibly your moral standing – straight out of the window. Be optimistic but don’t promise too much Instil hope and positivity into your writing but remember that we are learning as we go, and the situation is changing every day. You’re in no position to promise too much – and it may well backfire if you do. Never pretend to know more than you do, rather send the message that you and your audience are in this together. Do you need help formulating a world-beating content marketing strategy? Contact WSI OMS. Please follow and like...

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Lessons in using LinkedIn for networking

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LinkedIn has become one of the most widely used social media and networking sites for professionals, and while it is not as formal as corporate communication, there are some lessons to learn in using LinkedIn as a networking tool. How to use LinkedIn successfully in networking:    LinkedIn is a powerful connector (as long as you’re using it correctly)  Professionals are incredibly responsive on LinkedIn and if you approach it correctly, you will be able to build your network effectively. With all the handy features (such as filtering by location, industry, current company and more) you can curate the group of people you want to access and connect to easily. It’s like your dream team of networking partners all gathered at one event, but they are there all the time. The key here is getting this group to interact with you.  It’s all about the approach As with most networking attempts, the approach can be the deciding factor in the exchange. On LinkedIn you need to interact as if you were on social media, but in a professional setting. You’re your connection messages short, clear and to the point while inviting your potential connection to start a dialogue. Make it personal by mentioning connections you may have in common or commenting on the person’s achievements, research or interests. Don’t leave it up to automated messages  LinkedIn doesn’t play well with automated messages, and using automated messaging extensions may get your profile banned because using “bots or other automated methods” to “send or redirect messages” is against LinkedIn’s Dos and Don’ts. Branding is still important  First impressions count, even in the world of online networking. You need to carefully curate your brand image on LinkedIn just as you would on social media and in face-to-face interactions. Create your profile content with intention, check for errors and keep the visuals professional and relevant. If you don’t have professional headshots, you can still get a clear, professional looking photograph with a little bit of research and a smartphone camera. Put in the effort with your profile to make it an extension of your brand. Commit to the long-term process  Although you might see an upswing in the initial stage of your networking and leads generation campaign on LinkedIn, the significant results will only come after around 2-3 months of consistent work. In this time you may need to evolve and refine your approach based on what you can see is working and what is not. Keep doing research and trying out different strategies until you find what works for you. Get ready to close the deal  Whether you are using LinkedIn to network in your individual capacity or using it as a...

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Social media marketing strategy: LinkedIn Leads

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LinkedIn is a powerful social media portal for lead generation, with two new professionals signing up to join every second, and by incorporating LinkedIn into your social media marketing strategy, you can easily boost business leads. Learn more in this guide 4 social media marketing strategy tips for generating leads from LinkedIn: 1. Prioritise LinkedIn  If you decide that LinkedIn has the potential to take your business to new heights, then it’s essential that you make it a priority. Trying to tackle it as an afterthought just is not going to provide the results that you’re after. Embed the social media platform into your editorial calendar and make use of its ever-popular publishing platform to post your best pieces as often as possible. This will lead to your organisation being viewed as an industry thought-leader and trusted authority.  2. Make an effort with relevant connections Do you have connections on your LinkedIn profile that you have yet to meet, but are keen to? Make an effort to interact with them and build a relationship. Eventually, when you decide to pitch your business and its offering to them, there’ll be a much higher chance that it will be well-received.  3. Engage and interact  Join groups and take part in the discussions taking place within them. Post updates on your profile. Write recommendations for your connections. Celebrate others’ accomplishments. Spend time perfecting your profile. There are so many ways to make your presence known on LinkedIn, and this is a great way in which to encourage more attention to your business.  4. Refine Your Profile  Do some research into the best keywords to be using and include as much information as possible without coming across as verbose or boastful. It is important to complete every aspect of your profile, as studies have shown that professionals who do this receive forty times more direct inquiries and leads than those who do not.  WSI OMS is a social media marketing agency that specialises in social media marketing strategy and other social media services to help you maximise the return on investment from your digital marketing efforts. Get in touch for more information on how we can help you to improve your social media marketing strategy. Please follow and like...

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Budget PPC Advertising without sacrificing reach

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Even if your budget is small, you can still get great results from your PPC advertising campaign with a bit of strategy and research. Here’s advice on getting a cost-effective PPC campaign without sacrificing the number of people you reach. How to make your PPC advertising more affordable: Niche down with Geo-Targeting  If your budget is tight, you need to target your PPC campaign very carefully to avoid ‘wasting’ clicks. Geo-target people within specific areas who would be able to access your products and/or services. Just because you limit your campaign to a specific area does not mean that you will restrict the number of people whom you are able to reach in it! Schedule smartly based on your insights  You are more likely to reach a higher number of people at certain times of the day, hence the reason why it is often smarter to schedule your ads to show only at these times, as opposed to in a more staggered manner. The pay per click advertising platform that you are using will provide you with these insights. Paying attention to them will help to maximize reach without taking you over budget.  Track and Measure Performance When running your ads, make sure that tracking is set-up through the PPC platform and website analytics to effectively measure performance. This will allow you to learn more about who the campaign is reaching and how they are reacting to it. In short, you will have a much better idea of where and how to optimize the campaign in order to keep reach high and costs low.  Intensify Keyword Research Generic keywords can be extremely costly. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to do some more intensive keyword research to see if you can save money. ‘Designer handbags’, for example, is likely to cost more than double a more specific keyword like ‘designer handbags North Carolina’.  Use Ad Extensions  While ad extensions may not increase reach, they will certainly improve the effectiveness of your campaign, all the while helping to boost the number of leads that you receive. Ad extensions include your company’s click-to-call phone number, site links, address, and structured snippets.  If you’re looking for professional help with maximising your PPC Advertising performance without blowing your budget, contact WSI OMS, the trusted local SEO Service provider to help you reach your digital marketing goals quickly and effectively. Please follow and like...

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How to use Instagram to promote your small business

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Instagram has over 1 billion users (more than Twitter) which makes it ripe with social media marketing opportunities. You can use this platform to reach a massive audience with high impact posts that drive sales and brand buy-in. Do you know how to harness Instagram to boost your small business? Here are a few simple steps you can follow to put the platform to good use. Set up an optimised business account Aside from keeping your business account separate from your personal account, you need to optimise your profile for user appeal. Include a link to your website in your bio. Speaking of your bio, you need to craft it to be interesting and hook readers quickly. Make it easy for them to make the decision to follow you.  Create great, tailored, interesting posts Once you start posting, make sure you are creating posts that users really want to follow – this requires a good knowledge of your intended audience. Finally, never revert to a hard-sell tone on this platform – keep it relaxed and conversational, ensuring that your tone is in line with your target market. Expand your audience You may have beautiful posts, as well as a small, dedicated following, but you need to expand your reach and make sure that you’re not just preaching to the converted. One of the most effective techniques you can use to attract more followers is the use of hashtags, which could draw the eyes of people who don’t know your brand but have an interest in your general field. Boost engagement You want users to interact with your posts and your brand. One of the most important ways of doing this is through really careful, creative caption writing. Again, be careful with your language – make sure it matches the tone of your brand and the sensibilities of your target market. Also include a call to action that is alluring and never pushy. If you need help with your Instagram strategy, come to WSI OMS. We are a leading internet marketing franchise that can take your social media marketing to new heights. Contact us for more information. Please follow and like...

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