Link building: Avoiding penalties from Google

Posted by on Aug 11, 2020 in SEO |

Your SEO strategy is a massive part of your digital marketing effort, and if you’re spending time on link building, there are a few things you need to be aware of that could get you into serious trouble with Google’s spam team. In our latest blog post, we take a look at the types of links that get you penalised and how to avoid getting penalised. A quick recap of link building terms Inbound links Inbound links are clickable links from any other site that links back to your site; that’s why they are often called backlinks. They bring traffic to your website.  Outbound links  The exact opposite of inbound links, outbound links point to other websites or webpages.  Manual penalties  Also called manual actions. Google can demote or remove a website (as a whole) or pages of a website that engage in spammy, unnatural link building which goes against Google’s terms. Webmasters are informed of such actions on the Search Console and the webmaster then has an opportunity to fix the problem and send a reconsideration request. Link Schemes Any link that attempts to manipulate the Google ranking system may form part of a link scheme. These include buying or selling links, using services that automatically create links to a site, and excessive link exchanges. Link Schemes are set out under Google’s quality guidelines.  Common link penalties you need to avoid  Spam links  Whether it is pure spam that adds no value to where it is posted, or user-generated spam that is created by posting in forums, discussions and blogs, Google does not like spam links. If your link building strategy includes adding your link to discussions and forums, you need to be very careful to only mention it when it is relevant and useful and directly related to the content you are commenting on.  Paid links Google does not play well when it comes to the practice of buying and selling links. If you’re paying someone to add your link to their site or being paid to add a link to your site, then you’re going to get penalised. If you decide that you want to buy links, be sure to mark them as “no follow” links that will be excluded from your rankings. In general, the best idea is just to avoid this practice.  Private blog networks Also called link networks, this is basically a network of sites that are all owned by one person and used primarily to link to each other. This tactic isn’t always effective because all the sites need strong inbound links to have an influence on ranking, and even if done correctly, Google still sees this as manipulative behaviour and may...

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How a digital marketing agency helps grow your social media following

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The importance of having a social media presence in business is increasing. With an estimated 3.6 billion people currently on social media platforms and using them regularly and efficiently, every business needs to have a social media marketing strategy. Using a digital marketing agency to manage your social media will help you successfully promote your business’ brand across social media channels more efficiently in less time. Here are the services that a digital marketing agency will utilise to grow your social media following: Social Media Optimisation  Social media optimisation is the digital marketing strategy of creating and improving your social media plan to get measurable results by: Using inbound marketing attract customers to your social media profiles Staying up to date and capitalising on current trends Building relationships with current and potential customers Encouraging page interactions by using like, share, tags, etc. Driving relevant traffic to your website Online Community Management  Outsourcing your community management to a digital marketing agency is beneficial to your business for the following reasons: Community managers are up to date on social media channels with what they can offer and how they can potentially work best for your brand. Offering a new perspective and fresh ideas to make your brand stand out in the evolving social media world. Your social media is consistent by always being updated and that someone is responding to questions and comments.  Use a digital marketing agency to manage your social media marketing and don’t join the thousands of dormant accounts that are embarrassing and that were supposed to be populated.  Contact us today to help you with your social media strategy & other digital marketing services WSI OMS offers.  Please follow and like...

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What can a professional web designer do that I can’t?

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You’ve worked hard to build your business, but if you want customers, then you will need a website for them to visit. Hiring a web designer or a digital marketing agency is as important as hiring any other professional like a plumber or accountant. Web designers know how to make your site ‘sticky’ by creating simple navigation, providing valuable and up-to-date content, and reducing clutter. Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring a professional web designer to build your website:  Looks aren’t everything  You can waste hours using a DIY web design program to create a visually appealing website, only for it not to work functionally. A web designer produces a website that aligns with your brand and optimises user experience to keep your customers on your website. They will do all the tedious and time-consuming work for you, such as researching your competitors’ websites, generating a content marketing strategy aimed at your target audience, and designing a high-quality site.  Responsive design  Have you ever accessed a website with your smartphone and found that it isn’t user friendly or doesn’t work at all? Responsive design ensures that your website is optimised for different devices so that you don’t have to choose between desktop or mobile sites. Google is also focusing on mobile-friendly websites, as more people tend to use their mobile devices to search the internet. SEO knowledge A web designer knows how to optimise SEO because only a successful website will have a good search engine ranking. A web designer will ensure that the content, keywords, and links on your site will be search engine friendly while also visually appealing to get a better ranking. Web designers have the knowledge, tools, and access to more technology to create an attractive and dynamic website, and essentially saving you time & money.  Contact us today for more information on web design and other website services WSI OMS offers.  Please follow and like...

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Social media marketing: Facebook Blueprint Courses

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As more businesses seek to boost their online opportunities amid the COVID-19 lockdown, Facebook has launched 15 new, free Blueprint courses that cover a variety of key elements. As businesses worldwide are shifting their focus online, many do not know where to start. To help with this transition, Facebook Blueprint, which is their business education program, aims to educate you on the fundamentals. These courses are free, and the lessons are straightforward, contextualising concepts with storytelling and providing downloadable materials to assist in applying what you learn into practice. The full list of new courses can be viewed on the Blueprint platform. Have a look at some of the latest additions. Digital marketing: Courses to Help Businesses Maximise Their Online Opportunities  Select your social media channels  This course will help you to understand the social media landscape, choose the optimal social media channels, and create a social media map for your business. Tell your business story  The lessons explain what a brand is, why it is important to have a consistent brand, and how to create a brand for your business. Map the customer journey  The aim is to define a customer journey, describe how the customer journey relates to your marketing efforts, and create a map for your customers’ journey. Set marketing goals  Understand SMART goals, set and create SMART marketing goals for your business, and learn how to measure your progress against your SMART goals. Create and manage a content calendar  The course covers the importance of a content calendar, how content calendars work, and how to create a content calendar for your business. Facebook’s Blueprint courses offer some great insights into social media and digital marketing. Some may cater for a wider audience, so you might come across certain topics you have already mastered, but you might also gain a new perspective on things, which can cause you to reconsider or re-evaluate components of your strategy. Need help with your digital marketing and social media? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Optimise YouTube videos: SEO Services & Local SEO

Posted by on Jul 23, 2020 in SEO |

SEO services and local SEO can lead consumers to your business by helping them to find your website, YouTube channel and other social media profiles. Over 2 billion people watch content on YouTube, every month, so this platform can give you fantastic exposure as long as you optimise your YouTube marketing videos. How to Optimise your YouTube Marketing Videos with SEO Services & Local SEO    Keep your brand consistent with your overall branding strategy  The branding of your YouTube channel must be consistent with that of your website and other social media accounts. 1. Use keywords in the title of your videos  The title is what makes people want to click on your video, and adding keywords to the video title ensures the audience and SEO algorithms will find it.  2. Put keywords at the beginning of your video description Only the first three lines of a description are displayed before you must click ‘see more’, so include the keyword in the first three lines. 3. Use keywords in the video file  The YouTube algorithm will find your video more easily if you include the keyword in the video file. 4. Use thumbnails to attract attention and show the video’s topic Customise thumbnails to be eye-catching and accurately reflect the content of your business video.  5. Use relevant tags Tags tell consumers and YouTube what your video is about. Keep your tags relevant and use keywords to promote content and context.  6. Pick the right category  For the best ranking, do thorough research and find a category the reflects your audience, style and content. Search engine optimisation is not the only way to optimise your YouTube marketing videos. Post videos regularly, make them mobile friendly and easy to share, include a call-to-action in every video and create playlists that feature your videos with others.  Need more SEO marketing tips? Contact WSIOMS, your local SEO and SEO Services experts, for help with keyword research and SEO integration that will help your audience to find your carefully created content.   Please follow and like...

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