Content marketing strategies are usually created and executed by a two groups of people who happen to be polar opposites. On the one hand, you’ll have the financial manager or business owner who wants professional content that will have a direct (positive) impact on the company’s bottom line. Then you’ll have a team of creative who can come up with everything from strategic, smart ideas to outrageous request of videoing a cat on a Roomba (with the company’s logo) or something that only has pure entertainment value.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you post anything online:

Is it interesting for your audience?

What you find interesting may be completely different to what your audience will find interesting. Sure, you would click on a lick announcing a new CEO of the regulating body in your industry, but your direct clients probably won’t care that much. Make sure you’re able to write something that your audience will click on.

Does it fit your brand?

If another company you admire (or compete with) is doing something cool online, remember the same strategy might not work for you. Groupon marketing, for example, doesn’t fit every brand and business. Make sure the content you’re generating fits with your overall marketing goals.

Will you be able to distribute it to the intended readers?

Some of your clients will need to be reached via e-mail while others prefer mobile engagements. Make sure the content you are generating can be distributed to their preferred platforms.

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