YouTube launched a Community tab about a year ago. But, many people still aren’t making use of this functionality. The Community tab was launched in response to Google Plus, which has ultimately failed.

Facebook is adding more and more video to their platform, so another reason why YouTube launched the Community Tab is to take on Facebook as a social platform. The Community Tab allows you to add text, animated gifs and images. You can also let your community know when you will be streaming live on this tab.

The Community tab is very similar to Facebook in a sense. It’s a place where people comment on each other’s content, share information and short status updates as well as longer posts. It allows you to build your community on YouTube itself. So, as people subscribe to your channel, you can get them into your community group to see what type of other content you are posting and connect with other members of the community. Besides being able to enable notifications and add content on your Community Tab, you will also be able to moderate comments.

Because YouTube is ever-changing, we will probably see more changes to this in the future as people begin to use it and build their communities on this network. As digital marketers, we know that not every company needs to invest this heavily in YouTube, but it is relevant for some companies who have gained a following on YouTube. If you need help with your video marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy or digital strategy, then contact WSI OMS today.

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