Often when I’m talking to some of my clients regarding social media marketing, they will ask me why they would need a social media strategy to strengthen their internet marketing initiatives. I’m not really bothered by those questions because it is the same reason why any company does marketing and advertising.

Most companies will agree that one of their primary goals is to make more sales and money. Where it gets a bit blurry for them is identifying what you have to do exactly to get to the point of increasing sales. If you have an excellent product or service to offer, you need to build good branding and awareness to let people know who you are, what you offer, and that you are a respectable company so that they can do business with you.

Social media marketing for showcasing

Most marketing initiatives want to showcase a company in the best positive light. Social media marketing does that in an excellent way, but you have the added feature of getting immediate feedback to your marketing campaign to see if it is really paying off. If it’s not, research and check what you have to change in your strategy or company to make it work.

If you take all the feedback you have gathered from your social media profiles, use it to move your company forward. If your current social media marketing strategy are on track, then your network of interested followers will tell you exactly that you can continue, if not then you have a good chance to learn how your consumers are feeling about you. This will help you determine any issues with your staffing, pricing, services or any other problems that could be affecting you from growing your social media campaign.

So the only real question is, why are you not using social media marketing for your business?