If your Blog is getting hardly any traffic and you find yourself getting stuck for Internet Marketing Blog Post ideas, then it is a good idea to pay Google Analytics a visit to see what is driving traffic to your site.

Look at the organic keywords that have been harnessing traffic to your site and then search on that keyword and related keywords. If Google thinks your Blog Post is good enough to rank on a competitive keyword then you should carry on Blogging about that keyword and its related keywords.

3 Things to consider before you carry on Blogging

  • How many hits are you getting? Don’t worry about the keywords that only give you a few hits in a month, rather focus on your top 20 terms
  • The quality of the hits – A bounce rate greater than 70% is not a good thing. It means that people aren’t getting what they came looking for and Google will notice this too.
  • The economic value of keywords – Investigate how much your organic keywords are worth in AdSense or other affiliate programs.

If you listen to Google, they will help you make more money.