One of the worst things you can do on the web is ignoring your clients on the social web. Even if your clients post negative comments about your business such as poor customer service or complaints about your services or products, you should never ignore what is being said about you online.

Any business whether they are operating offline or online that doesn’t take customer complaints seriously is telling its clients that they are really not that important. It won’t be long and that business will be left with no customers at all. In today’s digital lifestyle, your customers are just as likely to complain online through theirĀ favoriteĀ social media channel as they are going to complain directly to your business. That might not be fair, but it is real and you should take note of this. Because it is real, you should make a point of monitoring your products, services, and brands on all the social media channels.

Monitoring your reputation online

Monitoring doesn’t mean that you should interact and engage on every single social media channel on the social web, although creating a presence on the ones that your target market spends their time on is not a bad idea. At the very least, you should monitor the social media channels to see what is currently being said about you.

Most of the time it is really easier than you think. There are a couple of ways you start monitoring your online reputation by using free services such as, Google Alerts, Twitter Search, and keeping an eye on other channels such as Google Blog Search and Technorati. Monitoring this way doesn’t cost anything, but it does take time and effort.

By monitoring your reputation online, you can save quite a lot by being notified of an issue before it loses control. Respond to your clients concerts on the public web in a timely manner by addressing their concerns.

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