Blogging is one of the best ways to channel online traffic directly to your website. There are many reasons to create a blog for your company, such as:

  1. An easy way to announce new appointments in your company
  2. Let your audience know about promotions and specials
  3. Create keyword-focused content for different niche audiences
  4. Use it as a platform to announce news within your industry or company

While the benefits and uses of blogs are endless, it’s not always that straightforward to know how to announce new blog posts. If you’ve gone through the effort of setting up a product special, writing an opinion piece or creating an employee profile for your new account manager, you want people to read it. So how do you let people know there’s a new blog post waiting to be read? Here are a few ideas:

Social media

Social media is a great, free way to announce your blog post to all your followers. If you’re using Twitter, create a few different tweets (remember, these can’t be longer than 140 characters) and post a tweet that links to your new blog each day. Use to shorten the URL.

With Facebook, you don’t want to irritate your followers with an excessive number of posts. Rather create one or two Facebook posts about your blog. The same goes for your Google Plus and your LinkedIn profiles. Twitter updates are read in chronological order, so it’s easy to miss something that was posted a few hours ago (especially if you follow a lot of people on Twitter), which is why you can create more updates without appearing to be too over-eager on Twitter.

E-mail lists

If you have an e-mail database, you can create different lists and send a link to your new blog post to relevant audiences. Just remember to include an introduction (to tell the reader what the blog post is about, as opposed to sending a blank e-mail with a hyperlink) and only send e-mails about new blog posts to people who would truly be interested, or else it will just be spam.

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