Angie’s List is a consumer review site that allows both consumers and service providers to leave reviews and it can also lead to a more established social media presence for certain companies. Once registered, consumers can browse thousands of verified reviews for service providers such as house painters, electricians, plumbers and more. And companies can also register in order to provide feedback. As the saying goes, word of mouth is often the most reliable form of advertising and Angie’s List simply makes it possible to receive word of mouth advice from hundreds of people in your area.

How can Angie’s List make a difference to a company’s social media presence?

  • Once a customer has used your services and is satisfied with them, they can use your social media pages to contact you rather than going through a third party source such as Angie’s List. If you regularly offer discounts, giveaways and coupons, they’ll be even more inclined to follow you.
  • Customers can share your social media pages with friends, family and colleagues who may need your services. It’s super simple to send a link to your Facebook page to a coworker via e-mail and the more happy customers you accumulate, the larger the chances are that this will happen.

Creating a significant presence for your company on social media isn’t about posting content and hoping it reaches your target audiences. It’s necessary to engage, interact, promote yourself and partner with services such as Angie’s List to reach potential customers and drive traffic to your own social media pages. By using word of mouth and referral sites like Angie’s List you can build a strong online reputation and more.

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