Firstly, we need to ask the question: What is Medium?

Medium is, plainly put, a place to write. With over 650 000 subscribers, one can see the merit this holds for writers. This site has pieces on hundreds of different topics, so you will really be able to go on and begin writing about whatever your heart desires.

How Medium works for you as a writer 

Medium is an extremely simple thing to get involved with. All you need to do is sign up for a free Medium account and start writing. You can either write a stand-alone post or contribute to an on-going collection of curated stories. The publications are written by journalists, bloggers, companies and brands, so it is clearly a platform for all. The content ranges from short form to long form and the content can be light or deep. There are almost no restrictions on this platform, giving writer the freedom and ability to express themselves freely.

The Medium guide to readers 

Medium operates similar to most other platforms. You will be able to read posts, comment on, share and recommend them. You also have the ability to follow individual writers and publications and the more you follow, the more variety will appear on your home page.

Help on getting started 

If you are somewhat of a novice when it comes to the online world, fear not, for Wsioms is here to help. With not only a wide variety of digital services offered to the public, we also offer training courses in various fields, giving you the ability to learn, branch out and expand your online presence. For any query you may have, please feel free to contact us today and allow us to help you how we know best.

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