LinkedIn offers various ways in which you can market your product on their platform. Users can pay for three different types of advertising, which will reach people and businesses on LinkedIn. Here is a quick overview of the ads you can buy on LinkedIn:


  • Text Ads

Text Ads are simply pay-per-click (PPC) ads. With this option, you can choose the audience you want to attract, which makes this option very economical for you and your business. You only have to pay for how many times people click your ad – a very budget friendly option.


  • Sponsored InMail Ads

Sponsored InMail Ads allow businesses to personally message other individuals and/or businesses through LinkedIn messenger. This may be an easy alternative for you if you know exactly who you want to attract and what message you want to send. Still worried that your message might not get delivered? Do not stress. LinkedIn will send through the ads to businesses that are active online and will guarantee that your ad will be seen, and not lost in amongst a dozen other messages and spam.


  • Sponsored Content Ads

Sponsored Content Ads appear on the feeds of other businesses you want to attract. This method is highly effective in that it will get your message across onto desktops and mobile devices, as well as allows you to choose how big and bold you want to digitally market your business across on LinkedIn. This form of advertising allows you to promote your business in a professional manner, as well as allows you to target the audience that you want to attract.


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