Would you actually purchase something through the Instagram app? In March 2019, Instagram launched the checkout feature, which lets users checkout within the app.


Instagram has opened a whole new revenue stream for e-commerce sites. Instead of directing your followers to your website with “link in bio”, they can complete the purchase as soon as something catches their eye.


The checkout system is built into the app, which means that users can store their payment information. If a product is checkout-enabled, then an Instagram user will see the option to “checkout on Instagram”. If they tap to view more details and fill out their contact, shipping and payment information, the user can order through the app as well as check the status of their delivery within the app. The information that a user will see includes the estimated delivery date, tracking number, cancel order, initiate a return or request support from the brand.


Currently, only select e-commerce platforms have the feature. Some brands who are using it include Nike and cosmetic companies. The company is currently only selecting companies from America to try out the feature, so the rest of us will have to wait until there is a wider roll out.


Instagram has positioned the checkout feature as follows:


“Checkout enhances the shopping experience by making the purchase simple, convenient and secure. People no longer have to navigate to the browser when they want to buy. And with their protected payment information in one place, they can shop their favorite brands without needing to log in and enter their information multiple times.”


This will undoubtedly change the way e-commerce companies market their products online.


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