Is email marketing dead? If you think email is no longer essential for your B2B campaigns you are in for a shocker. A study by Smart Insight shows 73% of marketers agree that email is important to their business, while 74% believe it will provide their best ROI now and in the future. Hubspot shows companies using email marketing generate 50% more sales leads at 33% lower costs.

The Direct Marketing Association reckons this digital marketing tool achieves 4300% return on investment, which is incredible to say the least. Well, you have to power this marketing tool to ensure you have emails that captivate and are personalised. They ought to be beautiful, catchy, relevant, optimised for delivery and compatible across your target clients.

There are many tools you can use to fully optimise your emails for better results. These perform distinct duties and include:

  • Testing tools: Before clicking ‘Send’ make sure you test your emails using tools such as Litmus, Email on Acid, Email Spam Test and Touch Stone, among others. They test everything from the subject line, compatibility to spam to increase your email marketing efforts effectiveness.
  • Code analysis and conversion tools: These tools help you view the end results and also check the email from the inside to detail any unsupported code and such problems. LITMUSSCOPE, Premailer and Beaker are the most ideal tools for this.
  • Real-time personalisation tools: These tools enable you to give a personal touch to your emails. They include AVARI, which is a predictive content recommendation engine, PowerInbox, Nifty Images, LiveIntent, RealTime Email and rebelmail. From live images to real time advertising on your emails, everything is possible with these tools.
  • Email automation tools: When sending emails you need tools to make automation easy and this is where Sendwithus, Drip, Skymosity and Feedblitz come in handy. They allow you to automatically create emails from your blog or website, trigger email campaigns based on the weather, send personalised autosenders and create drip campaigns without the need for a designer.

There are many other tools you can leverage in email marketing including tinyletter and BombBomb, which allows you to record and send video email on Gmail, and Boomtrain which helps sort relevant content and products for recipients. Well, things can only get better for every business owner who wants to capitalise on this invaluable marketing tool.

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