In the past I have written a couple of articles on the importance why businesses should partake in social media. The main focus point of social media is not to increase sales even though it could be one of your objectives, but to increase your visibility and credibility by participating in conversation online.

The sales will follow after you have established yourself as the expert in your industry. What a mouthful!!! If done correctly and the effort is put into it, the sales will follow. Social media takes time and dedication.

Social Media is all about building relationship and to become more visible online. You can also build trust and credibility by participating in social media. Be the expert in your field. Find below a couple of advantages of Social Media.

Social media lasts longer than traditional media

Social media can attract and hold the attention of targeted users via social networks. Usually these users have grown numb to traditional marketing and advertising where you do not force participation. With social media you are engaging your consumers in a way that encourages trust and increases message retention.

It is viral

Social media is viral and can reach wide targeted audiences in a short amount of time with the least costs involved than traditional marketing. This is a substantial opportunity and threat for communications professionals. While this can reap tremendous growth if used and implemented correctly, it can also have negative viral outcome for businesses that aren’t properly prepared to deal with it.

It is interactive

Through the use of social media, businesses can now communicate and get immediate feedback from users and customers encouraging a process of dialogue between all the parties. Enabling comments on a blog can result in a positive impact for many businesses to gain valuable customer feedback from their industry.

Increased visibility

Social media holds a favourable position for visibility as it has been blended into our daily online lives. What is the first thing you do when you go online? Go on Twitter? Facebook?

Social media has its advantages and at the same time, if done incorrectly, could also have it’s disadvantages.

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