Many B2B business owners and courageous internet marketers are looking to work with online influencers to gain epic awareness and more leads. But what is influencer marketing?

There are literally hundreds of definitions of what influencer marketing is. In the context of what we do at WSI OMS, it is about finding people who are true experts in their field. Once you have found those people, you need to make sure they are socially active online and have a following of their own. Only after these two key requirements have been met, can you start working on creating content alongside the influencer that can hopefully help you meet some of your business goals.

With influencer marketing, you’re not creating content for content’s sake. This type of content is highly goal driven and targeted. When done correctly, this type of digital marketing campaign can achieve epic awareness and leads. Here are some influencer marketing statistics that you need to know:

  • Influencer marketing is the fastest growing channel for customer acquisition
  • Businesses make $6.50 for every dollar invested in influencer marketing
  • 93% of marketing professionals are getting results in improving visibility through influencer engagement strategies
  • 92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source
  • 84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of advertising

Want to include influencer marketing in your digital marketing arsenal? Then contact WSI OMS for more information today.

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